2018-2019 Collegiate Advisory Board

Jar-Yee Liu| Co-Chair

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Email: chair.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Jar-Yee is a junior at UCLA studying Developmental Biology with a minor in Global Health.  He enjoys spending his free time pestering his mother by baking her bountiful amounts of exclusively gluten-free “sweets”.  Jar-Yee joined UCLA’s local Team HBV chapter at the beginning of his freshman year, and has since become increasingly involved, serving as the Regional Advisor for the National Board during its 2017 term. Stepping up to Co-Chair this year, Jar-Yee hopes to increase resources to chapters nationwide and provide insight to tangible progress being made in the #JoinJade movement. His eventual hope is to fully embrace the diversity of each chapter, and utilize that diversity to spark global awareness and social change.


Vivian Lou | Co-Chair

Location: Stanford, CA

Email: chair.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Vivian is a junior at Stanford University majoring in Biology and Music. In 2016-2017, she was a community outreach intern at the Asian Liver Center where she helped plan educational events in the Bay Area and the annual Youth Leadership Conference for high school students. She is super passionate about health advocacy. As one of the Co-Chairs this year, she is excited to foster a unified team spirit and connect chapters to current updates from the ever-growing body of knowledge surrounding hepatitis B. Outside of Team HBV, her life revolves around playing the piano, collecting stationery, and trying out new foods.


Iris Xing | Outreach Advisor

Location: Berkeley, CA

Email: outreach.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Iris is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology. Iris joined Team HBV as a sophomore in high school on the High School Advisory Board. Transitioning into college, she joined the Collegiate Aboard as the Outreach Advisor, now for the second year. While working with Team HBV, Iris strongly believes in the power of story-telling, personal experience, and passion in outreach to high-risk populations for HBV. As outreach Advisor this year, Iris’ primary goal is to implement her outreach projects, one of which is an international trip to Sichuan, China to educate about HBV and set up a system of screening/vaccinations for people in hospitals and children in orphanages. Please reach out to Iris if you are interested in the outreach projects!


Star Huynh | Regional Advisor

Location: Stanford, CA

Email: regional.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Star is a Stanford junior from Milpitas, CA. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Humanities. She is the co-president of Stanford’s Team HBV, working to spread awareness for Hepatitis B and liver health. She is also an undergraduate researcher working in the Wang Lab, focusing on cancer biology research. Star is a volunteer at Washington Hospital’s Emergency Room as well as Lucile’s Packard’s Forever Young Zone. In her free time, she likes to read, play with her dog, Chi-Chi, and watch Korean reality TV.



Talon Aitken | Recruitment and Training Advisor

Location: Provo, UT

Email: recruitment.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Talon is a Junior at Brigham Young University studying Physiology and Developmental Biology. He loves being involved with HBV and ignited his passion for wanting to work with the advisory board after his first intercollegiate conference. As recruitment and training advisor, Talon hopes to instill some of his devotion towards HBV into struggling chapters, and to seek out universities in which he can facilitate the inception of new ones. He will use his talents to promote unity and a sense of purpose in the campaign against HBV, while simultaneously helping chapters to grow. Outside of Team HBV, Talon loves to be immersed in the outdoors. As an avid mountain biker, he frequently takes advantage of Utah’s legendary trails!



Carol Mu | Public Relations Advisor

Location: San Diego, CA

Email: pr.collegiate@teamhbv.org

Carol Mu is currently a junior studying Human Biology at UCSD. She is a social butterfly and loves to take on new tasks and adventures. Carol has been very involved with Team HBV, ever since joining her collegiate chapter in her freshman year. Every year, she learns more and more from the various executive board positions she earns and hopes to spread her knowledge to collegiate chapters worldwide. Carol is honored to serve as public relations advisor and strives to effectively connect all chapters of Team HBV. Through the power of social media and communication, she believes that all chapters can improve and utilize each other to promote global change.



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