UC Berkeley Minutes 4/10/12

Team HBV Officer Meeting Minutes (4/03/2012)

Attendance: Erica, Ellen, Edward, Sophie, Stephanie

o Flash mob on Monday
Need to figure out time tomorrow’s meeting
Need to figure out who will do it.
Bring friends
Just use thbv tshirts
Erica: Need to figure out t-shirt design
o Tuesday-tombstone and statues
Sculptures have been piece together
To do: Need to look up tombstone stories and
construct it.
How to stick tombstone in place on the ground
o Wednesday- plushie workshop
Aiming for 60 plushies
Have more than enough materials
Workparty: This weekend or possibly hand out supplies
to members and have them make the plushies at home.
Sell the kit/ made plushies
No workshop
o Thursday- flowers
Need to get together to put facts on flyers
100 irises
o Friday- spam musubi
All week long: tabling, flyering, plushies, and ribbon
• To do:
o Need permission to place for sculptures, tombstones
• Workparty:
o Need to make posters for the sculpture
o For person with bad liver, need to put a plushie inside the liver
and say it’s a bad liver.
o Create posterboard for “My___ has hep B”
• Posters: for plushies, spam musubi, and signatures.
Send out an excel sheet and see when people are free for workparty:
• Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

o After 5pm???
• Spam emails and possibly go door to door in dorms
• Try to ask major department to send out the email.
Next Meeting
• Go over HBAW
• Go over elections
o Give a week to fill out apps
o Send out their apps for g members to read
During actual election, people would be informed of
o Applications 2 week in advance
Post app 1 week in advance
1 min speech
How best contribute to position
Write separate speeches for different position
o Don’t do pros/cons
o Ask candidates 2 questions each (30 sec per question)
o Positions
Only 7 positions for 6 rounds voting (President is CO)
Combine Recruitment and Finance
Only Co’s available is President
o Voting by closing eyes and raise hand

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