UC Berkeley Minutes 4/3/12

Team HBV Officer Meeting Minutes (4/03/2012)

Attendance: Erica, Ellen, Edward, Sophie, Stephanie, Christine

• – tape sculptures
o Continue tomorrow and finish the week after spring break
o Get haircaps
• – plushie: how do we want to do this?
o Start creating the plushies next week
o Hold one big workshop event to make the plushies and sell it
during HBAW week
o Possible making on sproul during HBAW week too.
o People pay more for buying plushie.
• kevjumba
o Scratch the idea
• spamusubi?”
o Need to have another sale during hbaw.
o Determine pricing
o Take Erica’s board and include details about ingredients and
what spam musubi is
• Eggster: April 7th
– Mandatory training
Attend from 3/19, 3/21, 3/22 at 6pm, Evans
o If interested, start figuring out what to do for eggster.
• THBV account
o transfer account info
o – petition
Erica email them for more info
Start spamming people to sign up the petition
• Storage space
o – training? (3/19)
Ellen went yesterday
o Everything need to be packed and moved by May 14.
o Since student org, labels need to be in black
Be sure to write down, building name, room number, or
cubicle number on our box
Need to get boxes and leave in our cage
Start packing April 7th and be ready by May 12th.
o Shirts
Waiting for approval by the people in the organization

5 gen members replied back for shirts + all officers
o Be in the Know
Possibly leave the “Know” blank
o Style
V necks
o deadline:
Waiting for approval by the people in the organization
• Reimbursements
o – conference
Still in the work
o – bonfire: food, wood, rides
Send out an email to repay monica back for food.
Erica give Sophie recipes

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