UC Berkeley Minutes 6/29/12

Team HBV Officer Meeting Minutes (6/29/2012)

Attendance: Sophie, Stephanie, Tiffany, Sara, Sam

[1] Administrative Stuff
[2] SF Hep B Meeting 
[3] World Hep B Event
[4] National THBV Conference IN BERKELEY!
[5] Upcoming Events
[6] 1st Gen Meeting Plans
[7] Fundraising
[8] Miscellaneous
[9] Tentative Next Meeting

Meeting started at 7:04PM
Meeting ended at 8:01PM

[1] Administrative Stuff
– Please reply to ALL of the emails sent out and click on “Reply All” button
– Late and Absences Policy:
        – please be on time to all meetings (no Berkeley time)
        – if there seems to be a problem with attendance, policy will be enforced
– Members should be SUPER informed about Hep B facts so we are planning on doing “study groups”! Look forward to them!
[2] SF Hep B Meeting
So in the past week, Sophie and Sam attended the Hep B meeting in SF and got a really awesome idea to spice up our meetings! We will incorporate current events about Hep B in the beginning of all of our meetings. That way, members will be able to see that Hep B is a present global problem and not something easily ignored.
[3] World Hep B Event 
As you all know, the World Hepatitis B Event happening on July 28th is coming up in less than a month. The committee is thinking about 5PM at Union Square (tentative).
[4] National TEAM HBV Conference
GOOD NEWS! The annual Team HBV Conference is going to be held in Berkeley this year on November 16-18, 2012! This is an event where members of collegiate THBV clubs gather to share their practices/strategies used to enhance outreaching and promote awareness. One of the strategies is to incorporate social media into our outreaching events (i.e. change.org campaign). Be ready to run errands during the event to pick up orders and such. Because we are hosting this year, we need to feed people! Here is the tentative menu we’ve come up with:
– Breakfast: Noah’s Bagels
– Lunch: Toaster Oven sandwiches
– Dinner: Gypsy’s/Pasta Bene/Chinatown? (Still need to decide!)
Officers will have to go ask businesses to donate food to our event. If we choose to go far, like Chinatown Oakland, then we would need to rent cars and designate drivers.
In addition to ordering the foods, we will also need to reserve rooms.
If you guys have any idea where we can eat dinner (for ~40 people) do tell! Also, if you guys think of any cheap hotels these guests can stay, do tell!
[5] Upcoming Events
– Late Night Alcohol Free Program
        – forgot to write down date but should be around the start of school
        – to reduce alcohol related problems in college
        – I believe we decided not to go because we didn’t find it super relevant to our cause
– Miss Asian-American Pageant
        – Saturday, August 4th in SF
        – we would be tabling but need to be there throughout the whole duration of the event
– SF International Dragon Boat Festival
        – September 15-16th at Treasure Island
        – there will be a free shuttle that will take you there from Powell Station but you need to be there the whole day
[6] 1st Gen TEAM HBV Meeting Plans
Here are a few new ideas we’ve come up with during the meeting. Very creative I must say!
– Food will be given BEFORE the meeting starts so that new members will have time to talk and mingle with other (new) members while they stuff their faces.
– BINGO will be played while eating and first 3(?) will be given a prize: PLUSHIES!
       – by introducing the plushie in our first meeting, tentative members will have an incentive or something to be looking forward to in our club –> way to retain members
       – also a teaser to our HBAW
– Meeting Units
       – besides having the powerpoint to present the members with a ton of information in one meeting, we will start breaking the information up into units throughout the whole school year
– To avoid cliques from forming, we will have the tables in a circle or………..have no tables at all! That way people are forced to mingle with other people
[7] FUNdraising 
– Water bottles (if we get reimbursements)
– Hoops for Hep B (or dodgeball/volleyball/etc.)
– Pens
[8] Miscellaneous 
– Chinatown flyering will most likely only be once in the fall because of THBV conference in November
– Elevator pitch will be practiced more and put in more good use
– Hosting a workshop in Chinatown/Tenderloin to promote Hep B awareness
       – great way to collaborate with other Asian/medical groups on campus so they can help us with translations and speakers
– Creating a Google Calendar for all members to know about our upcoming events
– Collaborate with Jade Ribbon Campaign
      – ask Gerry to enforce a rule that would make members attend our events.
[9] Tentative Next Officer Meeting Plan
Plan out our schedule for the whole school year. Location, Date, and Time is TBD.