LIVERight video challenge

Hello Team HBV! This fall marks the 5th Annual LIVERight, hosted by the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, and we need your help! This year the Asian Liver Center is bringing LIVERight back to Stanford University with the hottest new dance fitness craze that’s taking over the world. Fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms with simple, easy-to-follow moves, Zumba Fitness® is a Latin-inspired cardio dance fitness workout that is fun, dynamic and engaging for everyone.

As a worldwide awareness event, the LIVERight Zumbathon brings together community members – families, students, sponsors, health professionals, community organizers, and many others – together to dance and unite against liver cancer. People all over the world are uniting in support of the Jade Ribbon Campaign by submitting short, 5-second videos to be showcased at the 5th Annual LIVERight Zumbathon. Your submissions will also go towards making a national Team HBV Collegiate Chapters intro video that will be blasted worldwide.

The Summer Challenge:

1. Gather friends, family, clubs, pets, sports teams and tag them with Jade Ribbon Campaign paraphernalia (Team HBV t-shirts, pins, ribbons, etc.)

2. Film them with the very short script attached

3. Email the submission form and videos by July 31st!


Questions? Email

Go LIVERight!