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B-Aware, Cornell’s Chapter of Team HBV

B-Aware is the founding chapter of the national organization Team HBV Collegiate Chapters, affiliated with the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University. We aim to raise awareness about the hepatitis B virus (HBV), a completely preventable disease that still causes 80% of all primary liver cancer cases worldwide and leaves 350 million people chronically infected with HBV. Furthermore, due to a lack of symptoms, many do not know they are infected with HBV, with 1 in 10 Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders chronically infected for life. B-Aware aims to organize engaging events to educate people about HBV, help raise money for HBV vaccinations in China, and come up with different ways to do outreach for our cause. Please join us in our fight against hepatitis B!



Executive Board Members (Fall ’13 – Spring ’14)



Honora Ip | Co-President

Cornell College of Human Ecology 2016

Human Biology, Health, and Society


I first became invovled in hepatitis B outreach in high school when a friend introduced me to Asian Liver Center, B-Aware’s affiliated organization. After volunteering at a local hepatitis B vaccination clinic, I was surprised to learn that the hepatitis B incidence rate was high in my Asian community, and that most people do not know that this disease is preventable. Therefore, I have decided to help improve the health of my community by becoming more invovled in hepatitis B outreach. I started a Team HBV (hepatitis B) chapter at my own high school with Asian Liver Center in order reach out to my school and my local community about hepatitis B. In college, after I found out about B-Aware, Cornell’s Team HBV chapter, I immediately wanted to join because I wished to continue my invovlement in hepatitis B outreach. I think it is a meaningful cause and it is my responsibility to help improve the health of my own community. I really love our club because I can make friends with other students who also feel passionate about hepatitis B outeach. I enjoy the company of my friends from B-Aware and planning fun outreach events with them.
I hope B-Aware can inspire its members and other students to become more invovled in hepatitis B outreach. I hope to bond and collaborate with other students who also feel passionate about hepatitis B outreach.
Besides being involved in B-Aware, I am also an active member of CBS (Chinese Bible Study), a christian fellowship at Cornell. And by the way, I love korean pop music.



Helen Tian | Co-President

Cornell College of Arts & Sciences 2014

Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering Minor, Pre-Med


After interning at a lab studying the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), I became interested in learning more about the main cause of liver cancer—Hepatitis B. I joined B-Aware in order to learn more about this silent killer and to educate others about the preventability of this disease. I’m so glad I joined B-Aware as all the members are very passionate about this cause and super friendly as well! I’m excited to lead our club in achieving greater campus and community outreach this year by collaborating with other organizations and hopefully to volunteer at local schools in order to raise awareness about the risks of Hepatitis B. Our club is a close-knit group, and I look forward to working together in planning our various events!

I am also a Student Advisor for the undergraduate biology major, an undergraduate researcher in veterinary oncology, and a member of Asian American Intervarsity. If you get to know me, you’ll find out that I love physics and giraffes!

Heming Zhao | VP of Campus Outreach

Cornell College of Engineering 2015

Biological Engineering, Pre-Med


I joined B-Aware because hepatitis B is very prevalent in the Asian population, a population that I care deeply about. And because HBV infection is entirely preventable with vaccination, I felt it was necessary to join in the effort to raise awareness and educate people about the facts of hepatitis B. I expect to work with an excellent group of E-Board and G-Body members to help reach out to people and get them to be more involved through donations and more aware of ways to prevent the spread of this disease. I am pre-med, so I am definitely thinking of attending medical school and becoming a doctor in the future. Being a part of B-Aware has provided me a platform to work and gain valuable experience in a medically related field. Overall, B-Aware is an excellent club with a great cause.



Wendy Wei | VP of Community Outreach

Cornell College of Human Ecology 2015

Human Development, Pre-Med


Before joining B-Aware, I honestly had no idea what Hepatitis B was before stepping into the first meeting. I was mind-blown by the prevalence of this viral infection among the Asian population, a community that I am deeply rooted in, and I want other people who were like me (uninformed!) to know about Hepatitis B and how to prevent it, such as getting vaccinated. Since joining B-Aware, I love how this club is more than just a group of students who are driven by a common goal for spreading awareness about Hepatitis B in the Cornell and Ithaca community. B-Aware consists of people who genuinely care about others’ knowledge of the viral infection, as well as for each other within the group; and this has made the outreach process even more exciting for me. I am super stoked for all the outreach that can be done in the Ithaca community this coming year!

Other than B-Aware, I am involved in Chinese Bible Study, Human Ecology Ambassadors, and REACH, and I am also a research assistant in the Cornell Infant Studies Lab.

Fun fact: I like to bake and cook and read maps!


Jeffrey Sung | VP of Publicity / Recruitment

Cornell College of Arts & Sciences 2013

Biological Sciences, Pre-Med


I joined B-Aware to follow a number of interests and devotions. As an undergraduate researcher, I have done a few years of research on viruses, and always enjoy learning more about the molecular and epidemiological aspects of hepatitis B and related hepadnaviruses. Hepatitis B and C are prevalent throughout the world, and serve as model diseases for prevention and vaccination. More importantly, I was born and raised in a Chinese neighborhood in New York City, and I am driven to give back to the community that raised me. Hepatitis B is a major problem for Chinese immigrants, and I have seen some of the late-onset effects of this “silent killer” firsthand, through clinical volunteerwork in my hometown and the greater New York area. Screenings, knowledge and prevention have been key to reducing its spread, and treatments can keep chronically infected individuals from dying of the disease.

B-Aware has been a great way to contribute to health awareness in Cornell, learn about a relevant disease, and connect with other pre-meds, sciences majors, and others with similar interests.


Helen Tian | Treasurer

Cornell College of Arts & Sciences 2014

Biological Sciences, Pre-Med


Hepatitis B is one of those diseases that are very preventable, yet still extremely widespread. I joined B-Aware with hopes of raising more awareness about this issue at Cornell in order to get our community more involved in preventing the spread of hepatitis B. I have been involved in liver cancer research for the past few summers, so this is an organ I am familiar with and would like to learn more about! I’m excited to work with the B-Aware members in planning our fundraising events and raising awareness about our cause, and I’m looking forward to meeting new B-Aware members!



Angela Cai | Secretary

Cornell College of Engineering 2014

Biological Engineering, Biomedical Enginerring Minor, Global Health Minor, Pre-Med


Before joining B-Aware, I was only vaguely aware of the Hepatitis B Virus. After learning more about HBV, I realized there were probably a lot of people like me, who were unaware of the seriousness of this health issue. But more people die from liver disease than from HIV even though there is a vaccine for HBV! Besides being influenced by the really cute virus plushies, I decided to join B-Aware because, as an Asian American, I felt it was very important to spread awareness about HBV and encourage vaccination since HBV is very prevalent among Asians. I hope B-Aware can reach a bigger audience and increase its influence.

Besides being involved with B-Aware, I am also the Director of Fundraising for the Cornell Premed Society, Public Relations Chair for Operation DEEP, Treasurer for Cornell Hunger Relief, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega.

An interesting fact about me is that I’m ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but I eat with my left.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining B-Aware, please feel free to contact us individually or email us at Also check out our past Cornell E-Boards here.





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