Saratoga High School

Saratoga High School

Saratoga High School, Saratoga California

Co-President: Jasmine Singh

Co-President: Iris Lu

Vice President: Aaron Choi

Secretary: Joyce Lai

Treasurer: Tyler Wu

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We sold a variety of goods, including pearl milk tea and baked goods, to our school to help spread awareness, and raise money.
Lunch Info Day
We created a poster board and baked desserts. We then used them to teach other students what Team HBV is about, and recruit new members.
Pearl Milk Tea Fundraisers
We sold pearl milk tea to raise money and awareness for HBV. To educate people about HBV, we included facts with each cup of pearl milk tea we sold.
Club Day
We created a informational poster and passed out baked goods to recruit new members and educate people about HBV.
HBV Plushies
Our club members cut out and sewed HBV stuffed animals. We attached facts to the plushies as a fun, educational activity.


Pearl Milk Tea Fundraiser

We sold pearl milk tea and taped facts about HBV on top of the cup so people would be able to see the facts as they enjoyed the beverage.

Bake Sale

We sold baked goods to raise club funds.

HBV Lunch Info Day

During lunch, we held an information session to explain to fellow students why the join jade cause and hepatitis B awareness is important and relevant to the health of the Saratoga community.

Bonding Event

Club members played games and learned about HBV during lunch with the club.