Northwestern University

Team HBV at Northwestern

A national organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the dangers of hepatitis B and liver cancer among local populations, Team HBV is an international community comprised of collegiate chapters, high school chapters and local volunteers based out of the Asian Liver Center.

By being a part of Team HBV, you’ll get a chance to increase awareness and directly provide assistance in clinical settings to reduce this major health disparity and improve the health of many people. We aim to educate other students and to organize events around hepatitis B and liver cancer, thereby educating the community, promoting awareness, inspiring community solidarity, and pushing the issues to the forefront of the public conscience.


Charles Lin (External President);
Jeongwoo Choi (Internal President);
Grace Chan (VP of Finance);
Lucy Liu (VP of Community Outreach);
Christine Gou and Lajja Patel (Co-VP of Campus Outreach);
Chris Oh (VP of Recruitment & Training);,
Joshua Chang and Joy Le (Co-VP of Administration);


Please contact us at with questions about Team HBV at Northwestern, or if you’re interested in joining!

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