Mountain View High School

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Mountain View High School, Mountain View California

Co-Presidents: Caitlin Lee and Rinka Murakami

Vice President: Dale Lee

Treasurer:Kevin Chan

 Secretary: Erin Kim

Community Service Coordinator: Winnie Gong



Homecoming Picnic

We made and sold kimbap (a popular Korean dish made from steamed white rice rolled in seaweed) for a fundraiser at school to fund our club.

CNY SF HBV Festival

All members of the Mountain View Team HBV chapter made it up to SF for the Chinese New Year festival where we volunteered on behalf of the Asian Liver Center. Team members helped with face-painting and outreach by distributing surveys and balloons to encourage awareness about hepatitis B.

Coffee Sleeve Project

In May, during hepatitis B awareness week, we worked with a few collegiate chapters (UC Davis,  MIT) and asked coffee shops and pearl milk tea shops to help us raise awareness by using our coffee sleeves that had hepatitis B facts on them.


Relay for Life 2011-2012

We outreached with brochures. We had ultimate frisbee planned, but it rained. Since we were brand new, we wanted to help our team members with communicating to the community the goal of Team HBV.

Homecoming Picnic

We sold samosas for $1 each. We tried to raise awareness of our new club and also start fundraising for more outreach. We hope to sell some other foodstuff at back to school night or homecoming.

Kara’s Walkathon Palo Alto

We had a booth for Relay for Life and also brought along brochures and materials to outreach. The goal was to further raise awareness of HBV in new communities. We hope to garner more interest among the communities that we outreached at.


We started small this year with about 10 members and opened up to the Mountain View community about HBV, which is unknown to many. Raising awareness in school was important as we educated fellow classmates so at least people knew such a club existed. For a first year, it was successful with the outreach and we have an adequate sized club.

We plan to do more fundraising next year and amass more members at our annual Club Arena. We did not do Club Arena this year as we weren’t prepared for the undertaking, but we do plan to try to have some underclassmen join as the officers becoming juniors and seniors.