MIT Team HBV is a new, campus student group part of the larger intercollegiate Team HBV Hepatitis B awareness and prevention network.  The group was founded and obtained SAO recognition and funding status in Fall 2011, after previous collaboration with Team HBV at Harvard, who we continue to work with on many events.

Our current exec board consists of:

President: Judy Baek ’13 (jjbaek [at] mit [dot] edu)

VP Administration: Accepting members

VP Community Outreach: Charles Hsu ’14 (chsuqed [at] mit [dot] edu)

VP Finance: David Huang ’14 (dhuang [at] mit [dot] edu)

VP Recruitment/Training: Rebecca Shi ’15 (beckyshi [at] mit [dot] edu)

VP Campus Outreach: Sophia Li ’15 (sophiali [at] mit [dot] edu) and Rachelle Lim ’14 (rlim [at] mit [dot] edu)

Freshman Rep: Accepting members

Webmaster: Accepting members

Historian: Accepting members

Please contact us at teamhbv [at] mit [dot] edu with any questions about the group, or if you’re interested in joining!

Upcoming Events

August 28st REX: Plushie Making, 8:17-9:17, MIT: Random Hall, Pecker Lounge

August 31st Orientation Midway, 3 -5pm, MIT: Johnson Ice Rink

  • Come stop by our booth at the Orientation Midway to pick learn how you can get involved in eradicating Hepatitis B, help out the community and pick up a cute ‘Eradicate Me!’ backpack pin!

Stay tuned for more exciting events!