Mission San Jose High School

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Mission San Jose High School, Fremont California

Sarah Chong – Co-President

Vincent Chiang – Co-President

Jason Yin – Vice President

Caroline Chen – Secretary

Helen Wang – Treasurer

Michelle Qin – Public Relations

Email: sarah.chong@gmail.com

Email: vyc1234@gmail.com


Outreach Booth

We held an outreach event at the Fremont Main Library to distribute information and raise awareness of Hepatitis B, and handed out brochures and pamphlets with information and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

We made Christmas and New Year’s Holiday cards for those afflicted by hepatitis B in hospitals. Cards were deposited at Stanford’s center of Hepatology.

Multicultural Week Fundraiser

We sold popcorn chicken at MSJ’s annual Multicultural week to raise funds for our club.


Passed by Council

Because our school has a long club founding process, we had to wait until April to present to council. During this time, we created a club constitution and filled out other paperwork, and garnered support among council member friends. After months of preparation, we finally presented during the first week of April and were able to get passed. But because of irregular STAR testing schedules and AP testing, we were unable to hold our first meeting until the end of May, which was very close to finals and the end of the school year.

First Meeting

We got at least 40 people to come to our meeting, and about 30 signed up for our mailing list for volunteer opportunities! Although a lot came primarily for free pizza – our main incentive –we also managed to get a lot of petition signatures for the 2012 Hep B Campaign – probably about 30. During the meeting, we told students about volunteer opportunities and Hepatitis B – we definitely got people to learn new facts about Hepatitis B, through our meeting flyers and meeting presentation.

New Officers

We interviewed applicants and chose people for the positions opened after the senior officers graduated. Currently, our executive board spans three grade levels – two incoming seniors, four incoming sophomores, and three incoming freshmen. We definitely hope to be able to get more people to join next year!

Goodbye Mark Project

We posted posters around the local community and contacted three hospitals – Washington Hospital in Fremont, O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, and Fremont Kaiser Permanente. We hope that we contributed to the Goodbye Mark Project and spread more awareness about Hepatitis B!

Plans for the Summer/Next Year:

Because this year was our founding year, we were not able to have many events before the end of the year; however, we hope to spread more awareness and outreach next year. Currently, one of our ideas over the summer is to create an online pledge in which students at our high school will sign and pledge to tell people about Hepatitis B or search up a fact about Hepatitis B. We will be working on it over the summer, and we also hope to have members go to any volunteer opportunities offered by the Asian Liver Center or other organizations.

Summary and Overall Reflection

Overall, we feel that we did pretty well, as we only started for about two months; yet, we got a significant amount of people to learn about Hepatitis B and sign the petition and such. We also participated in the “Goodbye Mark” Project and are planning more projects for the summer. Next year, as we will be more organized and have more time and resources, we hope to have even more events and members. We also plan to have more community-based events, as opposed to school-based. We also hope to reach out to more and more people in the local Fremont community and contribute to eradicating Hepatitis B!