Los Gatos High School

Los Gatos High School

Los Gatos High School,Los Gatos California

President: XinNi Chai

Vice President: Jonathan Gilbert

Secretary: Kelsey Flemming

Treasurer: Steven Ho

Email: elysiachai@yahoo.com


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PhotoJade at LGHS:

Similar to the PhotoJade competition at the Team HBV High School Interchapter Conference, Team HBV at LGHS got students to participate in this campaign.  Participants were given a sticker, pin, or anything Jade related and spread the #JoinJade campaign through various social media platforms.

Hepatitis B Presentation:

Team HBVers gave an informational presentation on the dangers and significance of hepatitis B, especially in older adults.  This presentation was given in the science departments at LGHS.  At the end of the presentation, students took a quiz on what they have learned throughout the presentation, and received a jade pin or pen for completing the quiz.

Club day:

The Team HBV booth at Los Gatos High School attracted many more potential members! We had a record number of members who attended the first meeting and actively participated throughout the semester.  More LGHS students are being aware of the steps taken to eradicate hepatitis B!


Green Tea Cookie Fundraiser

Each person who purchased a cookie received a slip of paper that included a fact about hepatitis B. The fundraiser was a success since the cookies sold out and knowledge was spread.

AP Biology Integration

During the second semester, hepatitis B knowledge was integrated into the curriculum in the AP Biology classes. Many more students now know the dangers of hepatitis B and how to take action and raise more awareness for hepatitis B.

Club Day

Many more underclassmen and upperclassmen signed up for Team HBV during club day. Brochures, pamphlets and other cool Team HBV gear (tattoos, pins, pens) were handed out when students signed up.