Leland High School

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Leland High School, San Jose CA

President/Founder: Sophia Chao

Vice President: Alyssa Gohata

Secretary: Lisa Shin

Treasurer: Ashley Kim

Fundraising and Event Coordinator: Joey Whang

Email: sophia.chao19@gmail.com


Team HBV Spirit Day (May 20th, 2013)

During the first school day of Hepatitis awareness week, Team HBV members dressed up in HBV attire and/or in green clothing to represent the club and the jade ribbon campaign! 80% of members participated and remembered to wear their Team HBV gear or green clothing, and some people on campus asked what Team HBV was so this event helped with campus awareness. Some improvements for next time include having Spirit Week more frequently (maybe once a month) so more people on campus will know about Team HBV and the mission of the club, and having the school’s ASB make it an actual spirit day so the entire school can dress up in green and know of Team HBV.

Have a HepB Christmas (December 22nd, 2012)

This event was a scavenger hunt to pass out Candy Canes to shoppers and tell them about HBV. We split people up into groups of 4. Each group was given a list of people to find (i.e. Man wearing yellow hat) and each group had to approach this person and give them a candy cane, wish them a HepB (aka Merry) Christmas, and tell them about HBV and Team HBV. The group that passed out all their slips first won movie tickets.


Team HBV at Food Fair (November 7th – 8th, 2012)

Our club sold Pearl Milk Tea from Quickly’s and Tapioca express for our school’s club food fair. For both days, we sold 100 milk teas each day and attached small Team HBV flyers with facts on them to the drinks.


Trick-or-treat for HepB (October 31st, 2012)

We split up the team hbv members that participated into 5 different groups. Each group was responsible for covering a certain area/neighborhood in Almaden. While trick-or-treating, club members handed out mini flyers each with a catchy HBV slogan and told the homeowners about Hepatitis B. For people who did not go trick-or-treating, but still wanted to participate in this event, they passed out the same mini flyers to people who came by their houses to get candy. While passing out the candy and flyers, club members that stayed home also told these kids/adults about Hepatitis B.

Overall Summary and Reflection:

For most of the events this year, we were able to meet our goals. Personally, my favorite event was trick-or-treat for HepB because it was a lot of fun making and designing all the flyers with the other officers. I also had a lot of fun dressing up in a halloween costume and going around trick-or-treating while also telling people about HepB awareness. Since I have already graduated high school, I will not be serving Leland’s Team HBV any longer, but I hope that next year, the newly elected president will continue or increase community awareness for Hepatitis B through fun events and fundraisers.



Mission Statement and About:

Team HBV at Leland High School was founded in 2011 and our goal is to spread awareness about Hepatitis B to the surrounding neighborhood of Almaden and other areas close to us. With such a heavy Asian population in Almaden, we hope to spread awareness and influence people to get tested for HBV. We also want to get the student population at Leland High School to become aware about Team HBV as well and to join us in fighting against this silent disease! Our goal is to recruit as many members/supporters as we can so that we can reach out to a larger group of people here. After all, the more the merrier!

  1. 2011-2012 Goal: To reach out to 25 asian families in Almaden


Leland High School Club Day (September 12th, 2012)

Club Day was a huge success! (: We had lots of posters/visual aids and brochures to help inform other students about HBV and many of these students ended up signing up for the club! We hope that this year, our club can reach our goal and raise awareness about HBV!
Here are some pictures from club day:
Ashley Kim (treasurer) and Sophia Chao (president) proudly displaying their Team HBV posters!
People waiting to sign up for Leland Team HBV (:
Leland students proudly reppin their Team HBV
Part of our Team HBV poster c:

Inter-chapter Outreach Project (April 20th, 2012)

       The Goodbye, Mark Inter-chapter OutreachProject will encompass 5 smaller projects to help raise awareness about Hep B! Our goal is to complete this project by May 19, 2012. Here are the following projects:
  1. Dr. Mark Storybook (optional): Team HBV members will team up to write a kids storybook about Dr. Mark, a young victim of Hep B/ Liver Cancer. Individuals can sign up to write the plot, illustrate, or work with publishing the storybook!
  2. Silent No More (optional): Team HBV members will obtain personal stories (via interviews) from people who have been impacted by Hepatitis B in order to greater a impact and showcase a greater need for prevention.
  3. Goodbye, Mark Poster Campaign (mandatory): Posters will be created and sent out in order to promote Team HBV and clubs will aid in putting these posters up in different Bay Area locations. Each chapter is required to find 3 community partners.
  4. Interacting with the Government (mandatory): Team HBV clubs will approach at least 1 Government official to promote the awareness and impact of HBV. The target audience is directed towards the local/state government, and if you can, try to reach out to the National Government! The goal is to inform as many members of the U.S. Government as we can!
  5. Poster Competition (optional): Each chapter, if they want to, can read the Dr. Mark story and create a poster for the poster campaign. The board committee will review the designs of the poster competition and showcase it in an online art gallery!