Troy High School

Troy High School; Fullerton, California
Co-Pres: Iris Xing and Jeanie Kim
Co-VP: Jed Kim and Hyunseong Seo
Treasurer: Robert Rosete
Secretary: Susie Lim

Picture Collage:

We took pictures of students around campus doing the “join jade” sign and made ribbons out of the pictures.
Chocolate Fundraiser:
We sold 8 boxes with 60 chocolates in it each of the World’s Finest Chocolate.
Boba Sale:
During first semester, we sold boba to students after school.
Pieology Fundraiser:
Pieology donated part of the money paid for pizza by people who had a special flyer.
  • Boba Sale Fundraiser (October)
  • World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser (January)
  • THS Team HBV Collage – 3 shots for life!
  • Chengdu and Nanchong China Outreach Trip
    • We spread awareness in two major cities in China at various hospitals.
  • Jade Ribbon Week
    • We  put jade ribbons on our backpacks and around school for hepatitis B awareness.
  • International Week Fundraising
    • We sold mochi ice cream to raise club funds.
  • Chocolate Fundraising and Outreach
    • We sold chocolate bars and placed hepatitis B facts on the wrappers to spread awareness.