Piedmont Hills High School

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Piedmont Hills High School, San Jose California

President: Joanna Wong

Vice President: Brittany Lim

Secretary: Irena Roy

Treasurer: Jessica Hsiao

Email: joannaw.419@gmail.com


Annual Health Fair

We organized a community health fair once a year to educate people about the hepatitis B virus.

Plushie Making

As an activity, our club got together to make small HBV plushies for fun and to educate our club members further about HBV while bonding.



Our first bonding event of the year was making Hepatitis B plushies. The event was meant to foster group unity and also educate people further about the Jade Ribbon Campaign and Hepatitis B. We hoped to be able to sell these plushies at school in order to raise money and promote awareness as well. We were not able to sell the plushies since they took so long to make. In a span of five hours, we were only able to make about 5 plushies, as many people do not know how to sew. We realized it would be difficult to make a profit without spending a lot of time on making them. However, we did improve group unity and increase awareness about Hepatitis B and the Jade Ribbon Campaign.


TABLING – year round

PHHS Team HBV was involved in several community event services throughout the year. Some of them include Christmas Carnivals, Lunar New Year Festivals, and other events. We were able to occupy a table where we could educate others about hepatitis B while making arts and crafts for kids or doing other things. We were very successful in this event. We were able to distribute brochures, talk about our organization (many people asked us what Team HBV was and we were happy to comply). For arts and crafts, we made many jade ribbon related things, such as jade ribbon ornaments or jade colored origami. Each event had more than 100 people attend, so we were able to reach out to many people.

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 11.07.33 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 11.07.07 PMCLUB DAY -May

Club Day is an event where many clubs come together to sell food and other wares in order to raise money. PHHS Team HBV participated and sold cake pops, normal and jade-themed, and che. It was a good opportunity to increase our prese

nce on campus and also raise a substantial amount of money from food, especially since normally food is not allowed to be sold on campus. We were able to make about $100 dollars profit on selling cake pops and che. We also educated others about hepatitis B by wrapping cake pops with little ribbons with Hepatitis B facts. We also increased club unity by making the cake pops ourselves, instead of buying them.

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This was our early Hepatitis B Awareness Project, as our school ends during May, and AP Testing and finals would conflict with our efforts. We partnered with several major organizations and figures, such as Councilmember Kansen Chu and Santa Clara Public Health Department. We also invited two guest speakers, a Campaign Manager from Santa Clara Hep B Free and an OBGYN to talk about Hepatitis B. We offered dental testing, STD testing, and blood pressure and blood sugar screening. We were very successful in this event. Nearly 150 people attended the health fair and were educated about Hepatitis B. We received a proclamation from the San Jose City Council about Hepatitis B Awareness month and also received thank you letters from Santa Clara Public Health and Pacific Free Health Clinic.

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