Milpitas High School

Milpitas High School Banner

Milpitas High School, Milpitas California

President: Brandon Nguyen

Vice President: Anton Ha

Secretary: Patricia Ta

Treasurer: Tyler Manisay



Hot Chocolate Fundraiser:

During the cold winter months, we sold hot chocolate to Milpitas High School students for $1 each. From this, we not only benefitted students, but also raised $20 to go towards Team HBV.

Donation Booths:

In hopes of gaining new members and raising money for Team HBV, we set up booths during lunch twice this past semester at Milpitas High. We were successful in earning varying amounts of donations and awareness of students.

Clog Rush:

We held this event to recruit new members for our club. We printed over 200 business cards, and then distributed them to students at Mission High.