Gunn High School

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Gunn High School, Palo Alto California

President: Jamie La

Vice President: Valerie

Secretary-Treasurer: Daniel


2012-2013 School Year:

End of Year Reflection:

We definitely did not reach the goals we set out this year. We set out the year very eager to hold events and to increase awareness but hit few roads bumps along the way to ultimately crush our morale. I am looking forward toward the more experienced officer next year. With more experienced I feel like we can accomplish more events and to make our club more relevant. I am definitely looking forward toward holding more events next year, raising more funds and ultimately reaching outside of our school and into the community. The community wasn’t a big emphasis this year as we tried to reorganize the club. I feel like next year will be a better year as all the member gain one more year of experience.

–Victor Liu

2011-2012 School Year:

End of Year Reflection:

What Stephanie, president of Team HBV at Gunn, has to say about the current school year: “Team HBV at Gunn was started three years ago by Esther Han and Brittany Chang. There were some difficulties getting started and in the end, the club generally hosted one big event each school year. This year, we decided to focus more on small-scale projects that would occur more frequently. At first, we had a hard time getting started because of the change in club officers. However, with cooperation and collaboration from our members, we were able to successfully pull off our first event of the semester — the Pearl Milk Tea Fundraising and Awareness Event. We hope that our work this year will be passed on and improved for next year’s Team HBV. Although most of the club officers and members are graduating this year, we are confident that the rest of the members will continue to spread hepatitis B Awareness at Gunn High School.”